Share, Support, and Promote Small Business

Support NFIB Members

Support businesses that support NFIB. If you see the NFIB member plaque in a business window, go inside, introduce yourself, and thank the owner for supporting small business.


Share Your Story

People have trouble remembering facts, but they never forget a good story. NFIB frequently uses stories and examples from members to educate legislators, the media, and the public. Your real life anecdotes make that possible.

NFIB values your insights and would like to hear how key issues, such as taxes, healthcare, and regulations, impact your business. Our brief surveys make sharing your experiences quick and easy.

Thank you for sharing with NFIB. We look forward to hearing from you! View Issue Surveys

Disclaimer: By sharing your story with NFIB, you are giving us permission to use your story, or part of it, with legislators or in NFIB publications. Personal or identifying details and information will not be shared with third parties or the media unless permission has been explicitly requested by NFIB staff. View issue surveys here,



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