How to Work with Elected Officials

Did you know:

Decisions made in Congress, state Legislatures, and regulatory agencies can determine the future success of your business just as much as your own decisions can, sometimes more. As an experienced business owner, you are the most qualified to advise policy makers on issues that affect your business.

As a constituent, you have the ability to influence legislation. Your lawmakers at the federal, state, and local levels work for you. Lawmakers care about the concerns of their constituents and the policies that affect the communities they represent. Educating lawmakers on your views encourages them to keep you in mind when casting votes.

The more legislators know and understand about small employers, the better they can comprehend how pending legislation and laws impact the business community.



"Lawmakers gain a better understanding of the consequences created by the legislation they enact when they hear directly from job creators like NFIB members."

- Brad Close, NFIB President & CEO

Be the Voice! Take Action On Federal Issues

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