Be A Small Business Voter

Be A Small Business Voter

Elections are business decisions. Good small business policies begin with electing the right people. To make a difference in the legislative process we must vote for candidates and elected officials who support free enterprise.

If you own a small business, work for one or shop at one in your community, you should be a Small Business Voter.

Your vote counts, and you make a difference every election you vote! If you’re already registered to vote, encourage others to register as well. Click here to register

The voice of small business is not heard often enough in Congress and in state legislatures across the country. Small business owners are a trusted source in their communities and can make a difference in the political system in your community. Read NFIB’s “Political Action Guide for NFIB Members” and learn how you can win elections and influence public policy.

NFIB’s Political Action Committees support candidates at both the federal and state level that stand up for small business. NFIB’s endorsement process is rigorous, to learn more about our process, watch this award winning video. To help make the voice of small business stronger, donate to NFIB PAC’s.

In keeping with our promise to monitor key small business votes your lawmakers cast, NFIB produces “How Congress Voted. ” This tool allows us to hold Member of Congress accountable. View the current scorecard here.

Share with your employees the issues that face small business. NFIB provides up-to-date information on all things Taxes, Healthcare, Regulations, and more. Visit to share with employees and friends. Don’t forget to encourage your employees to register to vote!

NFIB knows that’s small business owners make exceptional candidates for office. NFIB has produced a guide that covers all aspects of running for office – from starting a campaign to voter outreach, fundraising, and so much more. View the exclusive members-only guide here!

As business owners – we know that you are busy running your business. That’s why NFIB has created a helpful page to be your one-stop for election resources. Visit to find our Voter Guides, endorsed candidates, latest elections news, and so much more. The voice of small business is strong when members like you can galvanize the small business vote.


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