NFIB Member Badge

Show Your NFIB Member Badge Online and Give Your Customers Confidence

Build credibility for your business, and introduce other business owners to NFIB, by displaying an “NFIB Member” plaque and a link to on your website.  

Follow these steps to add the “NFIB Member” badge and link back to on your company’s website:

  1. Recognize that by posting this badge with a link to NFIB you are a acknowledging you are a current dues-paying member.
  2. Copy the raw HTML code from the box below the badge.
  3. Paste the code into the editor for your company’s website.
  4. Show us the web page of your site where you’ve linked back to NFIB so we can check it out and congratulate you! Email [email protected] or tweet us @nfib.



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