Guide to NFIB Tools, Resources, and Advocacy Initiatives

Holding federal officials accountable to small business owners

Federal Government Relations

Decisions made at the federal level of government significantly impact your business. NFIB’s Federal Government Relations team fights for pro-small business policies and against anti-small business policies in Congress and in federal agencies. We track and analyze legislation and regulations that will directly and indirectly affect small business owners’ ability to operate and grow their businesses. NFIB’s Federal Government Relations team serves as a connection between NFIB members and federal policymakers on important issues. NFIB takes positions on federal legislation based on ballots submitted by NFIB members indicating their priorities, as well as NFIB Research Center surveys of NFIB members. NFIB uses member feedback to advocate for good small business policies and against bad small business policies, we:

  • Ballot NFIB members twice annually on timely small business policies
  • Directly lobby members of Congress, Senators, and Congressional staff on NFIB member priorities
  • Connect NFIB members to federal officials through action alerts, member meetings, in-person events, and testimony opportunities
  • Hold legislators accountable by tracking NFIB Key Votes on small business issues
  • Report voting records back to members with NFIB’s “How Congress Voted” report

Learn more and get involved at our Policy Advocacy website.

In all 50 states, NFIB is fighting for the issues that impact our members

State Government Relations

Whether you’re in a small state, a large one or somewhere in between, you’re a part of a nationwide group of hundreds of thousands of NFIB members and your influence in your state is undeniable. Together with NFIB, small business owners are engaged in legislative, political, and grassroots efforts that make an impact on the state legislative and regulatory decisions made by your elected officials. Every state is key to our successes in fighting for the interests of small business owners. For example:

  • One member, one vote. NFIB’s annual balloting system allows each small business owner to vote their position on state policies and regulations, meaning each member has equal input into their state’s legislative and regulatory priorities.
  • A dedicated state director in every state fights for members needs and concerns, provides resources and connects you with state legislators.
  • Local events such as Small Business Days at the Capitol and small business roundtable events connect you with other small business owners and legislators in your state. Sometimes we even challenge state legislators to go work in a member’s business for a day!
  • Grassroots leaders in every state give you easy ways to engage.
  • News and resources like state Voting Records keep you informed and hold lawmakers accountable for their votes on small business issues.

Learn more about small business issues and NFIB in your state.

Your voice can influence change

Grassroots Action

As a small business owner your voice matters because no one knows your business and your story, like you. When you share the real impact laws and regulations have on your business, employees, family and community, legislators listen. Every day, NFIB works to ensure the voice of small business is heard by state and federal legislators, candidates, regulators, the media, and the public. We are most impactful when it comes directly from business owners like you. That’s why NFIB makes it easy for you to take action and be heard. NFIB empowers you with tools, and support so you can engage the right decision makers on issues important to you and your business.

  • Action alerts allow you to seamlessly email and call legislators
  • Surveys collect your thoughts and experiences to help guide NFIB
  • Events allow you to directly engage legislators and candidates
  • Testifying and speaking to the media educates others on the small business perspective
  • Our Engage Mobile App keeps you easily informed and is an invaluable tool for any business owner

Grassroots action by NFIB members has resulted in victories like the historic 2017 tax cuts, the small business deduction, and making small business expensing permanent. But there’s still much work to be done. Visit our Advocacy Center to see how you can be a small business advocate!

Good laws start with electing good candidates

Political Team

Decisions made at every level of government can impact your business. NFIB’s Political team raises political action funds separate from NFIB membership dues and fights to elect candidates who will be the best advocates for NFIB’s members. Because good policy depends on the election of pro-small business candidates. NFIB’s work to elect and re-elect pro-small business candidates is among the most effective and recognized Political programs in the business community. Our history of success means candidates at all levels of government seek NFIB’s support, because they recognize the NFIB network of Small Business Voters is essential to a successful campaign. Our political action committees are fueled by donations outside of NFIB membership dues and endorse candidates who are pro-small business. Whether they are incumbents, candidates running for an open seat, or challengers seeking to unseat an anti-small business officeholder. NFIB gets involved in elections in several ways, we:

  • Educate voters
  • Support voter registration and early voting
  • Mobilize the grassroots network of Small Business Voters
  • Launch ad campaigns to support our endorsed candidates
  • Contribute financially to pro-small business candidates

Learn more and support this work at our Election Center.

Knowledge is power

Small Business Research

NFIB’s nation-leading research program provides key resources for small business owners and informs newsmakers and lawmakers on the combined priorities of small business owners nationwide. The NFIB Research Center digs into the details of policies that impact businesses like yours and develops webinars and resources that simplify the complex – so you can get back to your business. The Research Center also surveys NFIB members and publishes trusted reports that are must-have resources for newsmakers and lawmakers nationwide. The Research Center explains the policy-related problems small business owners encounter. Its popular tools and reports include:

  • Dozens of weekly COVID-19 Briefing Webinars with how-tos for small business owners, step-by-step
  • COVID-19 surveys of the pandemic’s impact on small businesses and use of loan programs like PPP and EIDL
  • Small Business Economic Trends reports delivered monthly with decades of history
  • Small business Jobs reports on hiring outlooks, also monthly with decades of history
  • An Every-four-years Small Business Problems and Priorities report

Taken on its own, America’s small business economy is the third largest economy in the world. It creates half of America’s new jobs and nearly half of the country’s economic growth. When leaders in Washington, D.C., state capitals and Wall Street want a pulse on the small business economy, the NFIB Research Center is their source. Access the Research Center’s reports and resources at

Your membership grants you access to offers on products and services your business needs

Member Offers

You’ve told us what products and services you need to help your business run smoothly. With that in mind, NFIB’s Member Services team is constantly negotiating with preferred providers to help your business grow. The collective buying power of NFIB’s hundreds of thousands of small business owners means you may save thousands of dollars each year through NFIB’s Member Offers. Several of these offers are also available to your employees at no additional cost to you.

Access member-exclusive offers:

  • Financial and business products and services. Take advantage of discounts on computers and technology, shipping, payment processing, payroll, and more.
  • Insurance. Enjoy access to and potential savings on individual and group insurance, and more.

As a part of the NFIB community, you have access to products and services that have been vetted by NFIB’s Member Services team. Join fellow NFIB members, some of whom are saving up to $5,000 year through our Member Offers.

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