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“NFIB offers an excellent bonus program and a commission structure unheard of! I have a great career with an organization that truly cares for their employees and I can make more money here than anywhere else. I love my NFIB career and know this is where I am meant to be.”

- Jen Knudtson

Membership Representative

“Right now is the perfect climate both literally and metaphorically speaking. Seize the opportunity and make IT happen!”

- Mindy Kubrin

Membership Representative

I came to NFIB when I was 18, just out of high school. I met my husband here. I feel like I’ve lived my life here. And I am so appreciative of all the stability and advantages I have had throughout these 25 years. I am especially grateful for the life I have been able to give my sons because of the opportunity NFIB affords me. The healthy teeth, gorgeous smiles and good educations that my sons have are advantages that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. I have never taken those privileges for granted.

The wonderful NFIB trips that I have taken provided experiences that I never would have had on my own. I won a number of Quarterly Achiever’s Clubs, which we had before President’s Club, and I’ve won eight President’s Clubs. Every one of them was out-of-the-box spectacular!

My retirement years will also be completely different than my parents’ because of my career at NFIB. I have always participated in the 401(k) program. My comfort, security and peace of mind will continue on after I retire, thanks to NFIB.

- Dina Deaunovich

Division Manager

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