Purpose & Culture

Kevin Evetts


“Seems only yesterday that I started this journey at NFIB and yet here I am, 31 years later wondering where did the time go. It has been a great experience. Like any great team you have encouraged me, shared your wisdom and laughter, and made me better. The strength of any great organization is its people and I can say all of you make NFIB a great place to be. ”

-Kevin Evetts

Operations Services Director

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“I am motivated to succeed by the mission of NFIB. I truly believe in NFIB and love my job, which is to help America’s small business owners to be successful. ”

- Rick Price

Membership Representative

“I really enjoy planning and attending member events. One of my favorite things to do is member profiles, which allows me to go into the members’ businesses, sit down with the owners and learn about their businesses. What I love most is getting to hear how we have made a positive difference for them, making their work and lives easier!”

- Joe Hirabayashi

Fed Grassroots Program Manager

“I love people and thrive when I am helping to make a difference in the lives of other. NFIB gives me an opportunity to do that every day! I get to combine my passion with a great cause that truly touches the pulse of our nation.”

- Jamie Bokelman

Membership Representative

Core Values

Our Members

  • We listen and respond to our members’ needs.
  • We are committed to exceeding our members’ expectations.
  • We are committed to excellence in advocacy and all we do on behalf of our members.
  • Our members determine the public-policy positions of the organization- one member, one vote.

Our NFIB Team

  • We provide personal and professional growth through education and mentoring.
  • We support an entrepreneurial environment where new ideas are embraced.
  • We recognize and reward excellence and outstanding performance.
  • We collaborate and communicate for team success.
  • We celebrate success and have fun.

Our Workplace

  • We expect the highest ethical standards in all our activities.
  • We value an environment of trust, integrity and respect for all individuals.
  • We appreciate teamwork and recognize each person has a valued contribution to make.

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