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Save up to 15%* on fuel management expenses.

The cost of fuel is one of your largest business expenses. NFIB members turn to WEX for solutions to save money, reduce administrative hassles, monitor driver behavior, and gain precise control over their fleets.

*Actual savings may vary

Exclusive NFIB Member Savings

• Waived card fees (savings of $2 per card per month)
• Waived account setup fee (savings of $40)


WEX Flex Fleet Card

  • Get 3¢ back on every gallon purchased*
  • Flexibility to carry a balance
  • Requires Driver ID number
  • Buy gas while avoiding unauthorized purchases
  • Works at over 90% of fueling stations


WEX Universal Card

  • Setup direct debit to recieve a 20 basis points discount.
  • Accepted at more than 90% of US fuel and service locations, more than 180,000 sites nationwide.*
Disclaimer: *Subject to credit approval and new accounts only. Promotional offer includes a $.03 rebate per gallon and capped at a maximum of 6,000 gallons per account. The 12-month promotional period begins the day your account is approved. Credits for fuel rebates earned will be applied monthly in arrears following your account activation date. Accounts must be paid in full with payment posted by the due date each month or no rebate will be applied. Additional terms and fees apply. Actual savings may vary.



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Lisa Pogue
AAA Cumberland Valley Tree Service Inc

Switching service providers seemed like a lot of work, but with WEX & NFIB the transition was superb. WEX serviced my business needs and Sean Pare was available at all times to answer my questions or concerns. We are currently saving $60.00 per month more than we previously were. I would recommend WEX to any business interested in the program. WEX didn't let us down and matched my business needs.


Mark Thelen
Ellis Sales Inc

We were an existing WEX customer but they seamlessly linked us to the NFIB program. Sean Pare and WEX serviced my business needs professionally and were there at all times to answer any questions or concerns. WEX is a valuable partner that meets my business needs. We are currently saving $26 per month.

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