Marijuana in the Workplace: Strategies for Breaking Through the Haze?

Previously Recorded Webinar: June 24th at 12pm ET

The trend of states to legalize “medical marijuana” and “recreational marijuana” has created much confusion for business owners who want to maintain a drug-free work place and has left many employers asking the question – can they still enforce their drug-free policy? The answer is a bit hazy.Marijuana

Marijuana use raises many potential employment concerns such as the potential impact on drug-free workplace policies, drug testing, accommodation requirements for medical marijuana use, and discipline policies. To make sure you’re prepared to handle the effect of weed in the workplace join Elizabeth Milito, of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center, to discuss marijuana legalization and the impact on employers. The webinar will help business owners and managers understand employment problems created from marijuana usage and offer effective strategies for breaking through the haze.

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 Beth Milito Feb 2013








Elizabeth Milito,
Senior Executive Counsel,
NFIB Small Business Legal Center




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