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Owning a small business often means wearing every possible hat available, from marketer to sales clerk and inventory manager to HR professional. Learn from the experiences of the small business owners who are NFIB members as well as the best experts for each industry. Below you will find small business tips for everything from taxes and regulation to promotion and networking.

How to Protect Your Products from Counterfeiters

Posted On: May 31, 2016

The Internet has made it easier than ever for counterfeiters to deceive consumers, siphon sales from small businesses, and even damage the reputations of manufacturers. These tips will help you protect your products and your brand.  Trademark your product.  In order to establish legal ownership of a product, logo, or brand, you must file for a trademark or design patent. An intellectual...

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

Posted On: May 24, 2016

It’s a question every small business owner eventually asks: How much should I pay myself? Unfortunately, there are no short answers or across-the-board percentages.   We spoke with small business owner Gilbert Cerda, a certified financial planner, to get his take: Q. Where do I start?  A. Cash flow. This is the biggest determining factor when starting or running a business. If cash flow is...

3 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Jimmy Buffett

Posted On: May 16, 2016

Decades may have passed since Jimmy Buffett released his most popular songs, but the fun-loving musician has hardly been wasting away in Margaritaville. In addition to touring, releasing new albums, and writing best-selling books, he runs a business empire that includes the Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants, casinos, packaged foods, alcohol, footwear, and a satellite radio station. In all,...

Building Philanthropy into Your Business Model

Posted On: May 12, 2016

NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation supports the next generation of small business owners through scholarships and student/teacher programs.  Two of the winners talk about how doing good can be a good business plan. GET INVOLVED with the Young Entrepreneur Foundation. Or fund a scholarship.   Hart Main Age: 19 Business: ManCans Issue he’s fighting: Hunger It started as an offhand comment to his sister: “Why don’t people sell candles with scents...

8 Social Media Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Posted On: May 11, 2016

Think you know how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Think again. The big social media channels offer tools and apps that can help you run your biz—if you know where to find them and how to use them. Don’t want to pay for a live chat service tool? Our infographic cheat sheet has a free solution using Facebook.  You can also learn...

5 Tips to Help Manage Your Small Business' Cash Flow

Posted On: May 10, 2016

Has your business ever found itself in a cash flow crunch? Savvy business owners know that it’s better to be prepared to fill gaps in cash flow than to be caught off guard. But having many months’ worth of capital to cover emergency expenses is sometimes easier said than done. Our friends at Kabbage have curated 5 Tips to Help Manage Your...

Why Your Small Business Might NOT Need a Full-Fledged Website

Posted On: May 03, 2016

You don’t need to exhaust your budget on an elaborate website. If your business doesn’t rely on e-commerce, chances are your customers (and potential customers) will only be visiting your site for the basics—hours, location, contact info. STAY UP TO DATE ON TECH TRENDS with NFIB’s resource center. Here are three alternatives to an elaborate Web presence: 1. Facebook Only The pros: It’s free, you can...

3 Surprising Business Lessons You Can Learn from Walt Disney

Posted On: May 02, 2016

One of today’s most recognized brands started with a single visionary: artist and entrepreneur Walt Disney. Here, Disney historian and blogger Scott Wolf shares three lessons small business owners can learn from the hugely influential company founder. RELATED: 5 Surprising Business Lessons You Can Learn from Gene Simmons 1. Find the best in people. Start imitating Walt Disney by really getting to...

INFOGRAPHIC: How Small Businesses Can Increase Engagement on Social Media

Posted On: April 27, 2016

When it comes to social media, it’s a constant battle to get those coveted likes, comments, shares and link clicks—known collectively as “engagement.” The rules seem to be constantly changing.  We’re here to help you connect with your customers (and potential customers) on an emotional level. Doing so will help you attract more prospects—and keep them longer, according to the U.S....

Proven Small Business Growth Strategies

Posted On: April 22, 2016

Every small business owner is thinking about growth – or should be! Business development is an ongoing key part of running a successful company. The best entrepreneurs know that thinking ahead to the next step and constantly planning for the next phase of their business development is necessary for business success and growth. If you’re a new small business owner, you...

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