Start Saving on Business and Personal Lines with a Discount from Sprint!


NFIB members can save up to 25% on applicable Sprint plans, solutions, and accessories. The discount can also be extended to employees of NFIB members when the business is registered with Sprint!

Special Offers (terms and conditions apply on each offer)

Benefits for NFIB members and member employees include:

  • Access promotions on the latest devices – with no/low upfront costs
  • The best price for UNLIMITED data, talk, and text
  • Up to $650 in Buy Backs and port-in credits to cover your switching costs
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee with no strings attached
  • Use your Tax ID or Personal SSN to set up your business account

Proof of membership is required to enroll in this benefit. Log in to print your NFIB membership card.
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Business Accounts

Count on Sprint to help you spend less.  Sign up with Sprint to receive the benefits provided through your NFIB membership.

Call 866-376-7122 or SIGN UP ONLINE

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Personal Accounts

NFIB members must register their business to extend the Sprint negotiated discounts that are available on personal accounts to themselves or their employees.  To eliminate potential delays in program enrollment, please take a few minutes to register your business. 


Once your business is enrolled, you can extend the Sprint negotiated discounts to your employees.




*NFIB Member Discount: Available to NFIB members and employees (ongoing verification). Tax ID or SSN required to establish a CL account. Discount is subject to change according to S4M agreement with Sprint and is available upon request for select monthly data service charges.

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