Iowa Small Business Victories


  • Property Tax Reduction Property Tax Reduction Property tax reduction for all commercial and industrial property: a 10% reduction in taxable value (assessed value) over two years. A new tax credit for commercial and industrial property. When phased in over three years, the taxable value of the first $145,000 of a property’s market value will be sharply reduced to the same level that applies to residential property. More property tax reductions for apartments, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and telephone companies.

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  • Limiting Increases Limiting Increases The annual increases in taxable value of residential and agricultural properties will be limited to 3% instead of the current 4%. This is important protection for Iowa homeowners and farmers.

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  • Worker Compensation Worker Compensation The bill would specify what work is considered suitable work for purposes of the statute such that an employee’s refusal to accept the work will result in suspension of that employee’s weekly workers’ compensation benefits during the period of the refusal.

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  • Taxpayer Trust Fund Taxpayer Trust Fund Part of the state surplus will be returned to Iowa income taxpayers through a small income tax credit, in any year when the Iowa Taxpayers’ Trust Fund exceeds $30 million. The credit will be between $30 and $60 for each income taxpayer.

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