Entrepreneurship Video Contest

NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation Entrepreneurship Video Contest



  • To provide an opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs to utilize their passion for entrepreneurship in a creative manner, with an additional opportunity to win a scholarship.
  • To engage young people in creative ways of promoting entrepreneurship.
  • To encourage young entrepreneurs to creatively articulate the positive effects of entrepreneurship.

Contest Criteria:

Create a video, less than 90 seconds in length, answering one or more of the following questions in a creative, thorough and professional manner:

  1. How does entrepreneurship positively affect America?
  2. What life skills do you gain as an entrepreneur and how does this impact you?
  3. What have you learned through your own entrepreneurial endeavors and/or watching other entrepreneurs?

Eligible Participants:

Any applicant for the Young Entrepreneur Awards is eligible to apply, who does not receive one of the original scholarships. This will enable an additional young entrepreneur to articulately and creatively express their passion for entrepreneurship and to be rewarded for their entrepreneurial spirit.

Entering the Contest:


Videos need to be submitted by 11:59pm EST June 1, 2016. The Winner will be notified soon thereafter and the video will be presented at the NFIB Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Luncheon in Washington DC.


Subject to compliance with the official rules and submission agreement, one participant will receive a $1000.00 scholarship for any two or four year College/University/Vocational or Technical school for the following school year.  Video will be posted on NFIB Facebook, YEF Facebook, NFIB website, YEF website, YEF Twitter and screened at the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Luncheon in Washington DC.

Winning Entry:

Entries will be reviewed by the Young Entrepreneur Foundation staff and the winner will be based on three criteria:

  • The video should be creative, articulate, appropriate and professional.
  • The video should answer at least one of the questions addressed by this contest.
  • The video should demonstrate that a young person has seen the positive impact of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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