2014 YEF Awards Slideshow

In 2014, the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation awarded 100 Young Entrepreneur Award Scholarships to students across the country. Each award is between $1,000 and $15,000. Students who received the Young Entrepreneur Award are seniors in high school who own and/or operate their own small business. The scholarships are used to help with tuition costs for the winners’ post-secondary education. NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation awarded $145,000 to deserving young entrepreneurs in 2014.

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The 2014 Top 5 National Finalists:

  • Anna Erkalova of Chalfont, PA – Crane Books, LLC
  • Cody Gradert of Ireton, IA – Gradert and Sons
  • LeiLei Secor of Hagaman, NY – Designed By Lei [Background video | Reaction video]
  • Vivek Tedla of Newtown, CT – VRT Studios
  • Zach Haney of Topeka, KS – Kansas Carnival Supply, LLC [Background video | Reaction video]





2014 Top 5 Finalists for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from NFIB
Kurt Summers, Vivek Tedla, LeiLei Secor, Anna Erkalova, Cody Gradert, Zach Haney and Dan Danner (left to right)

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Kurt Summers, LeiLei Secor; and Dan Danner Kurt Summers, NFIB board member; LeiLei Secor; and NFIB president & CEO Dan Danner. (left to right)

Kurt Summers, Dan Danner and Zach Haney Kurt Summers, NFIB board member; Dan Danner, NFIB president & CEO; and Zach Haney (left to right)




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