Lemonade Pledge!

Did your entrepreneurial spirit start with a lemonade stand? Many of today’s job-creators got their start in a similar way. And that’s why the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation is asking YOU to support the next generation of small business owners by pledging to purchase a glass of lemonade to support a young person in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Pledge to purchase a glass of lemonade from a budding entrepreneur in your neighborhood this spring or summer.

Make a Pledge to support:

  • Young people in your community who are taking the initiative to learn about entrepreneurship
  • Teaching young people life skills through entrepreneurial education
  • Fostering the idea of free enterprise among our nation’s youth encouraging them to consider careers in small business and entrepreneurship

I Pledge to Purchase a Glass of Lemonade from a Young Entrepreneur

More information about Lemonade Day is available here.


Want to learn more about lemonade stands impact on entrpreneurship? Check out the book Lemonade Stand Economics (portion of book’s proceeds go to NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation).

Questions? E-mail us at [email protected].




Lemonade Day pledge


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