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NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation Entrepreneurship Educator Award

The National Federation of Independent Business Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) announced Greg Malkin as the winner of the 2016 NFIB Entrepreneurship Educator Award, a scholarship program designed to reward teachers who promote entrepreneurship in the classroom. Greg Malkin is a high school teacher from Hunting Valley, Ohio’s Young Entrepreneur Institute at University School. Watch his video below and read the press release.

Are you an educator—either in the classroom or as a volunteer through a youth development organization? Do you teach entrepreneurship in an inspiring way? Tell us about your role as an educator and you could win a $5,000 grant!

Contest Criteria:

Create a video, less than 120 seconds in length, answering the following question in a creative manner:

What best practices have you used to teach entrepreneurship and what has been the outcome?

Eligible Participants:

Any educator of students (grades 1-12) who teaches entrepreneurship in a creative and successful manner.


Videos need to be submitted by 11:59pm EST on March 31, 2016. The Winner’s video will be presented at the NFIB Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Luncheon in Washington DC.


Subject to compliance with the official rules and submission agreement, one applicant will receive a $5000.00 scholarship to be used for entrepreneurial educational resources, training, or activities. Video will be posted on NFIB Facebook, YEF Facebook, NFIB website, YEF website, YEF Twitter and screened at the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Luncheon in Washington DC. The winner will also be invited to receive the Award at the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Luncheon with an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC.

Winning Entry:

Entries will be reviewed by the Young Entrepreneur Foundation staff and the winner will be based on three criteria:

  • The video should be creative, articulate, and appropriate.
  • The video should answer the question addressed by this contest.
  • The video should demonstrate the positive impact of entrepreneurial education.


  • To provide an opportunity for hard-working entrepreneurship educators to win a grant to use in their educational settings to continue their pursuit of entrepreneurial education.
  • To engage educators in creative ways of promoting entrepreneurship.
  • To encourage educators to creatively articulate the positive effects of entrepreneurship and the best practices for teaching entrepreneurship.

Enter the Contest:

  • Each participant must record a video, less than 120 seconds in length, addressing the theme of Entrepreneurship Education. Submit your video and the following information below:

*If you have more than 5 consent forms to be submitted, please bundle them into one PDF document.

Experiencing issues when uploading your video? Have questions? Email [email protected] for help!

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