Health Policy

Health Policy

  • End the Employer MandateObamacare’s employer mandate must go. Now. Clean and neat. Straight repeal. Just do it.
  • The Day After: Health Care Reform after NFIB v SebeliusReal reform should begin the day after the Supreme Court rules.
  • Self-insurance and Small BusinessSome are trying to deny small business the ability to self-insure.
  • Rising Costs for Healthcare (1.4 MB, PDF)What are the real problems facing the healthcare system in the United States today and how can legislators and policymakers address them? What policy actions must be taken to strengthen a service that touches the lives of every American? The purpose of this monograph is to address these issues – to define more clearly the actual problem with the healthcare system. This document also prescribes urgent remedies that must be taken to provide each citizen with a greater sense of security when it comes to their health care, while helping our leaders manage more skillfully a vital component of our economy.


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