NFIB Wyoming Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018

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Protected Independent Contractor Status

NFIB/Wyoming fought and defeated attempts for the last two years to limit the use of independent contractors. When independent contractor status goes away, labor costs go up by 28%.


Passed a Call for Article V to Balance the Federal Budget

After several years of effort, NFIB/Wyoming helped pass the call for a  constitutional amendment that the federal government must balance its budget.


Primary Care Bill Passes

NFIB/Wyoming helped push through legislation that allows access to a model in which family medicine physicians can provide complete primary care services for a set fee. This will dramatically lower the cost for businesses healthcare coverage for owners and their employees outside the insurance pools.


Protected Private Property Rights

Due to NFIB efforts to protect private land owners, unauthorized trespass even for alleged environmental violations is addressable in the courts with severe penalties for violators.





Fight Wyoming Tax Increases

With state revenues down, NFIB will continue to work against tax increases in many areas of the Wyoming economy, such as an increased fuel tax, increased mineral taxes and taxes on various forms of income that produce jobs in the state. When taxes go up, income goes down and businesses go away.


Control the Cost of Regulation

Regulatory costs constitute a hidden tax on every citizen in Wyoming or over$11,000 per employee. NFIB will work to insure the regulatory burden does not compound, driving down the standard of living in Wyoming while driving up costs.


Minimum Wage Increase

When labor costs go up, all costs go up. This forces businesses to offset costs by reducing the labor force.








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