NFIB West Virginia Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018

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Stopped West Virginia on Mandatory Overtime

Thanks to NFIB’s strong lobbying efforts, the mandatory overtime payment for any time worked over an eight hour work day was defeated. This bill would have caused a business owner to pay overtime to any employee that worked more than an eight hour work day, even if the work week was under 40 hours. This would have also caused local taxes to rise drastically due to mandatory overtime pay paid to first responders that were on the job more than eight hours a day, but still only worked a 40 hour work week.


Removal of Sales Tax Exemption on Professional Services

NFIB led the fight and won a major victory on stopping the expansion of sales tax to professional services. Lifting the exemption on professional services would have amounted to a tax increase on West Virginia’s small businesses.


Opposed Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

NFIB continued to monitor any attempts to require employers to grant paid sick leave to their employees. As a result this bill died in committee. NFIB members believe they  are more apt to be flexible with there employees and government should not mandate benefits.


Held the Line on Unemployment Base Rate for Small Business

NFIB worked with the governor’s office and the legislature on ideas that will lower the unemployment rate and encourage lawmakers to adopt policies that encourage job creation and small business investment.



Fighting the Governor’s Massive Taxes on Business

NFIB is leading the fight against the governor’s proposed massive tax increases on businesses in West Virginia. These tax increases will create a hostile environment for creating and attracting jobs for the state. West Virginia desperately needs job growth and this environment will stifle any job growth both inside and from outside the state

Workers’ Compensation Reform

NFIB has continued and will continue to lead the fight in West Virginia for comprehensive workers’ compensation reform, thus making it affordable for all small businesses. Why should small business owners continue to pay for “crimes of the past”, by big business and big labor?


Mandatory Health Insurance

NFIB will continue to fight and testify against the mandatory required purchase of health insurance.








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