Date: December 31, 2014

Permanent Margins Tax Exemption for certain businesses

NFIB/Texas fought to make permanent the exemption for businesses under one million dollars in gross receipts.  NFIB also secured a one million dollar deduction for businesses under 3 million dollars in gross receipts and a deduction for certain 1099 employees. Also notable, NFIB stopped an attempt to force businesses to pay one quarter additional tax one year in advance with a 10% late penalty fee. The tax will be re-evaluated during the 84th legislative session, with a majority of legislators in agreement that the tax is cumbersome for small business and not conducive to a business-friendly climate in Texas. NFIB will work to eliminate the tax altogether.   
Members/prospects most likely to be interested: All firms under $3 million in gross sales

Killed Unemployment Insurance Modernization and Tightened UI Regs

NFIB/Texas, in conjunction with other business and public policy interest groups, fought to reject UI stimulus money that would have cost business owners more than $80 million per year in perpetuity. NFIB also helped to limit unemployment fraud by closing certain loopholes and supported legislation that would allow drug testing for UI applicants in specific occupations as allowed by the U.S. Department of Labor, while also clarifying the definition of ‘actively looking for work’ and creating penalties for those who fraudulently draw UI benefits. 
Member/prospects most likely to be interested:  All businesses.

Killed legislation creating more employer liability and mandates

NFIB/Texas worked diligently to defeat legislation that would have added to employer uncertainty regarding wage claims and liability. NFIB defeated legislation that would have extended the amount of time to file a wage claim from 180 days to 2 years. NFIB had legislation vetoed that would have created large employer liability by allowing employees to sue upon discovery of an alleged wage discrimination, regardless of when it allegedly occurred. NFIB helped defeat legislation that would have required businesses that do not carry workers compensation insurance to purchase $200,000 life insurance policies for all workers.
Member/prospects most likely to be interested:  All businesses.

Supported legislation that implements a “loser pay” legal system in Texas

NFIB/Texas strongly supported this legislation, which curtails frivolous lawsuits.  The law provides that lawsuits that have no basis in law or fact can be dismissed early in the process with the loser paying attorney’s fees in those dismissed cases.  The court is also allowed to expedite cases that have less than $100,000 in dispute, ultimately saving court costs.
Member/prospects most likely to be interested:  All businesses.

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