NFIB Texas Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018

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Minimum Wage

NFIB killed all 14 of the bills filed that would have mandated a higher minimum wage on employers. 


Passed State Agency Bill HB1290

NFIB helped pass a state agency “one for one” bill (HB 1290) that would require a state agency to get rid of an outdated regulation or rule if they add one. This will help lessen the regulatory load on small businesses in Texas. Regulatory issues have been a major complaint.


Paid Leave and Employment Law Reform

NFIB killed ALL bills relating to: paid family medical leave and other paid leave mandates; wage claims against employers; plastic bag bans; and bills that expand the definition of unlawful employment practice that would open an employer up for legal action.


Funding Business Startup Programs

NFIB helped get critical funding for Small Business Development Centers in Texas (SBDCs), which help small business gain access to capital, help a business grow, or help someone start a small business.


Stopping Frivolous Lawsuits

NFIB killed “Lilly Ledbetter” legislation again, which would add another court venue to sue a private employer for alleged wage discrimination based on sex.



Property Tax Relief and Phase out the Franchise Tax

Pass legislation that will continue to buy down the franchise tax until it is ultimately phased out, and pass legislation that will provide for more property tax relief for all Texans, as well as caps on rates and include more transparency in the appraisal process.  Repeal certain business personal property taxes, like taxes on Inventory held for resale and Business Equipment.


Restrictive Local Ordinances

We need legislation that would prohibit cities from making it illegal for private employers to conduct criminal background checks on applicants until only after a contingent offer is made. This pro-business legislation to curb restrictive local ordinance on private employers was opposed by the labor union lobby. The same lobby who are paid for with government-collected membership dues. Because this legislation failed to pass, union friendly cities can pass restrictive ordinances on private employers regarding hiring practices.


Government Favoritism for Labor Unions

  • We need legislation that prohibits the state and local governments from collecting dues on behalf of labor unions via public employee payroll deductions. Texas has raised at least $20 million dollars for labor unions over the last ten years, which is used on labor union activity to organize against a private employer, and to pay their many lobbyists to work on anti-business policies at the Capitol and kill important pro-business legislation.







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