NFIB Tennessee Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018



Labor Mandates Defeated

  • 2 Bills that would have raised minimum wage to $10.10 and $15
  • 6 week paid leave mandate bill
  • Sick Leave despite business size
  • Several Wage and hour equity bills
  • Predictive Scheduling

State Death Tax Gone for Good

Tennessee’s harmful death tax went away completely in 2016, saving up to 9.5% on the estate of many family-run businesses and farms.  The state’s gift tax has been repealed.

Unemployment Reform Giving Relief

Employers are paying significantly lower unemployment premiums because of ongoing NFIB- supported reforms. Outcomes in contested cases have improved because of a stronger misconduct definition. Fraud and abuse are down! Qualifying seasonal employers will be able to eliminate many frustrating claims through a process that will be implemented in 2020.




Monitoring the Gas Tax Funds

NFIB members were split on the Gas Tax hike, but not split on wanting better oversight and accountability to how the funds are spent. NFIB will be keeping tabs on TDOT and promised progress on the project list for which these new funds are designated.

Healthcare Costs Pressuring Budget

NFIB continues to monitor pressures on the state budget, including rapid growth in Medicaid spending, which could lead to increasingly harmful proposals to small business.

Tax Relief for Small Business

NFIB members desperately need tax relief that is fair and equitable at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, most pass-through small businesses pay a higher rate than corporations. At the state level, NFIB members likely will have opportunities in 2018 for meaningful tax relief by reforming the burdensome franchise & excise tax and other taxes. Be ready to engage and to make a difference!

Workforce Development

A common concern we hear is that it’s increasingly difficult for small businesses to find qualified applicants.  NFIB is working with lawmakers and interested groups to find solutions that increase workforce development so that people are qualified for the jobs that are available at our small businesses. Putting people back to work is key to a growing economy.








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