NFIB Tennessee Small Business Victories: May 2018

Date: May 04, 2018

Third-Party Sales & Use Tax Audits Stopped

A harmful provision added late in the 2018 session to House Bill 2310 sailed through two House committees with almost no debate. The legislation, as amended, would have authorized the state to conduct third-party sales-and-use tax audits, putting confidential taxpayer information in the hands of private companies. The audits would have triggered prolonged back-and-forth’s since third parties often don’t leave until they find something to justify the cost of a visit or a computer-generated assessment. NFIB objected for other reasons, including the lack of debate and suspicious fiscal impact statement of zero dollars.

Hundreds of NFIB members responded quickly to an NFIB ALERT and contacted their representatives, asking how the state could contract with third parties without any cost. Lawmakers listened and removed the provision, saving that debate for a more transparent day. The power of grassroots!

Labor Reform

No Restrictive Scheduling Mandates by Local Governments
Senate Bill 262 by Sen. Jack Johnson and Rep. Susan Lynn preempts local governments from establishing predictive or restrictive scheduling laws on businesses.

Regulatory Reform

Consistency with Air Permits
Senate Bill 1371 by Sen. Johnson and Rep. Kelly Keisling ensures that air pollution permit decisions are based on scientific air data and federal requirements, not local land use and zoning objections.

Below-Market Development Mandates Banned
House Bill 1143 by Sen. Ferrell Haile and Rep. Glen Casada clarifies inclusionary zoning language prohibiting local governments from below-market rental pricing while preserving the use of voluntary incentives for affordable housing initiatives.

Storm Water Permit Controversy Addressed
House Bill 362 by Sen. Richard Briggs and Rep. Jason Zachary says post-construction stormwater permit requirements cannot be more stringent than current EPA requirements and requires state legislative review of NPDES permits regulating a local government entity’s municipal separate stormwater system.

Employment Reform

Bipartisan Fresh Start Act Passes
Senate Bill 2465 by Sen. Kerry Roberts and Rep. Jeremy Faison provides protections and an appeals process for applicants with a criminal background to obtain a professional license, certificate, or registration.

Protections & Incentives for Work-Based Learning
Senate Bill 1649 by Sen. Mark Norris and Rep. John Forgety improves liability framework for employers that employ students in work-based learning programs and establishes a pilot franchise and excise tax grant program for hiring employers. Contact [email protected] for more information about this new program.

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