NFIB South Dakota Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: February 05, 2018


Municipal Sales Tax

There were several proposed increased tax measures of significance that NFIB lobbied against this legislative session that were defeated. HB 1116 would have authorized a municipality to impose an additional 1% sales and use tax for a limited period of time and for a specified use.


County Sales Tax

NFIB also opposed HB 1006. This bill which would have authorized counties to levy up to a 1% sales and use tax on top of all of the sales taxes currently authorized for the state and the city. This bill was handily defeated in the first committee that considered it.


Corporate Income Tax

NFIB was also the only business organization to oppose SJR 2, which would have submitted to the electorate at the next general election a proposal to impose a corporate income tax. This bill was likewise defeated in the first committee that considered it.



NFIB joined other business groups to defeat HB 1154 which would have required an employer to provide certain accommodations to pregnant and nursing mothers including, among other things, more frequent breaks, time off to recover from childbirth, and job restructuring.


Ban the Box

NFIB also was also opposed to HB 1193, which would have prohibited any employer from including on a job application an inquiry regarding an applicant’s criminal record.




Workers’ Compensation

The increasing cost impacts a business’s ability to expand and hire more workers in the state. Legislators need to address this issue so South Dakota can remain competitive with surrounding states.


Fighting Proposals that Threaten Independent Business

The state needs to continue to understand that it is agriculture and small business that make the state prosper. An environment that provides the opportunity for business to thrive will benefit all residents. A primary objective will be to ensure the tax and regulatory environment is fair.


Medicaid Expansion

The governor has expressed a willingness to consider expanding Medicaid. NFIB will continue to monitor these efforts closely.









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