View a listing of NFIB/Ohio's most recent victories - June 2014

Date: June 10, 2014

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Tax Reform (HB 5) Passes Ohio House!

This top legislative priority for NFIB
will bring about more uniformity and simplicity to Ohio’s convoluted municipal
tax system. 

Compensation $1.2 Billion Transition Credit

 Ohio is moving to prospective billing for workers’
compensation premiums.  As a result of
timing, employers were facing an overlapping double payment.  NFIB provided feedback was used in adopting a
transition credit saving Ohio employers $1.2 billion in workers’ compensation

Overpayment legislation (SB 263 and HB 402) clears Ohio Senate and Ohio House!

Business taxpayers that overpaid the
State of Ohio were not notified and thus many did not receive a refund or
credit unless they filed an application. 
This bill requires, in perpetuity, notification to taxpayers of
overpayment for either refund or credit to future liabilities.  $34 million in overpayments have been
identified and over $25 million has been returned to business taxpayers.

Cuts to benefit Small-Business Owners in the State Budget!

The state’s operating budget contains
two key tax reform provisions: a 10% reduction in personal income tax and a
small business tax cut that allows pass-through entities to deduct 50% of their
first $250,000 of business income from their state tax liability.  Talk to
your accountant about these!

Budget Amendment Passes Ohio Senate!

Adds Ohio to the growing number of
states petitioning Congress to call a convention for purposes of discussing a
balanced budget amendment. 


Property owners will continue to enjoy
the long-standing common law protections with respect to duty of care owed to


Tax Reform needs to clear the Ohio Senate

The Ohio House recently passed Amended
Substitute House Bill 5 on a vote of 56-41 and it has now moved to the Ohio
senate. Call you state senators and urge them to pass this piece of

Health Insurance Mandates in Ohio

Recently the state of Ohio elected to
mandate coverage for autism on small-business owners providing healthcare, we
need to keep the pressure on your elected officials to ensure no other mandates
are saddled on Ohio’s job creators!

Ohio’s Legal Climate

Efforts to repeal
comprehensive tort reform are ongoing. Legislation continues to be introduced
that would peel back some reforms, potentially opening up new fronts for
business owners to be sued.

Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

NFIB/Ohio is working on a number of
reforms aimed at improving the performance of the workers’ compensation system
while reducing costs for small business.

Taxes in Ohio

The Ohio Legislature is currently
reviewing the overall tax structure in Ohio.  NFIB will continue to fight
for a business-friendly tax climate. 

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