NFIB Louisiana Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: January 25, 2018



Equal Pay Act

This issue has been tabled for the 2017 session. However, it is likely to come back in 2018. NFIB has been contacted by several members of the legislature to work on an education campaign so that Louisiana small businesses are aware of what is required in terms of pay scales and procedures that are nondiscriminatory. Education is better than regulation, so we are glad our legislators wish to try this approach as a first step.


Helped Pass Comprehensive Worker’s Compensation Legislation

NFIB helped pass comprehensive worker's compensation legislation that will allow workers and employers to work out payment disputes without having to go to court, potentially saving business owners thousands of dollars in penalties and attorney’s fees.


Inventory Tax Credit

NFIB fought to hold on to the current Inventory Tax credit structure passed in 2016. This structure was threatened by the budget deficit, but for now are staying in place.




Equal Pay:

While it is tabled for 2017, NFIB will monitor closely the “educational” campaigns being proposed on this issue.


State Income Tax Rate Increase:

Due to the budget crisis, there are several tax rate proposals on the table, the clearest impact to Small Business is the individual income tax rate hike. This is a 2017 Ballot issue for Louisiana.


NFIB Continues to Fight against Establishing a Mandated State Minimum Wage or for Minimum Wage to Be Converted to a Living Wage

These changes would escalate pay structure without regard to businesses’ ability to pay or entry level employee experience to demand a higher wage.


We testified against raising the State Minimum to $8.00 for 2018, based on ballot response from members in Louisiana.


NFIB Continues to Fight the VMT Tax, a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax in Louisiana

Due to the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks, the VMT tax would create a tax for the miles citizens drive their vehicles. An electronic tracking device would be installed on all vehicles to monitor the miles driven.



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