The Latest Victories from NFIB/Florida

Date: June 01, 2015

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NFIB/Florida’s Recent Victories:

Cutting the Business Rent Tax
Saved small business owners $61 million by leading the charge to pass the first-ever cut to the tax you pay on your commercial lease

Reducing Workers’ Comp Litigation
Stopped ambulance chasing attorneys from tapping into the database of injured workers

Capping Commercial Property Tax Hikes
Worked with the business community to pass a referendum to put a renewal of the 10 percent cap on non-homestead property tax increases on the 2018 ballot

Lowering Commercial and Personal Auto Registration Fees
NFIB helped to lower auto tag/registration fees by an average of $25 per vehicle per year. 

Lowering Communications Taxes
NFIB helped lower your cell phone, cable, and satellite taxes by an average of $20 per line per year.

Lowering Unemployment Comp Taxes
NFIB fought to lower your UC taxes by $50 per employee.

Preventing Increased Liability in Workplace Discrimination Suits
NFIB killed legislation that would left you vulnerable to increased damages in workplace discrimination lawsuits.

Limiting Workers’ Ability to Press Frivolous Charges Against You
NFIB defeated a bill that would have allowed employees to press 3rd degree felony charges against employers who fail to pay overtime.



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