NFIB Florida Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: January 23, 2018


NFIB Saved Your Business Money By:


Reduced Your Business Rent Tax

Saved small business owners $61 million by passing a business rent tax cut, the first step toward eliminating the tax.


Stopped Your Workers’ Compensation Rates from Rising Even More

Blocked the Florida Senate’s plan to allow trial attorneys to charge $250 an hour this bill would have increased your rates again this year.


Lowering Unemployment Compensation Taxes

NFIB fought to lower your unemployment compensation taxes by $50 per employee.


NFIB Led the Charge to Protect Your Right to Run Your Business By:


Reducing Workers’ Compensation Litigation

Passed bill stopping ambulance chasing trial attorneys from tapping into the database of injured workers.


Preventing Increased Liability in Workplace Discrimination Suits

NFIB killed legislation that would have left you vulnerable to increased damages in workplace discrimination lawsuits.


Limiting Workers’ Ability to Press Frivolous Charges Against You

NFIB defeated a bill that would have allowed employees to press third degree felony charges against employers who fail to pay overtime.





We Are Fighting This Year to Save You Even More By:


Fighting to Stop Workers’ Compensation Rates from Rising

In late 2016, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a 2003 workers' compensation attorneys' fee schedule which has been credited with reducing workers' compensation rates by up to 60%. NFIB is leading the charge to cap attorneys’ fees and stop your workers’ comp rates from skyrocketing.


Eliminating the Sales Tax on Commercial Leases

If you pay $1,000 per month to rent your business space, you pay at least $60 in taxes on the lease each month. We are leading the charge to get rid of this tax that disproportionately hurts small businesses.


Stopping a Minimum Wage Increase

NFIB is fighting efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.



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