NFIB California Small Business Victories: January 2018

Date: January 23, 2018

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  • Successfully helped stop $29 billion in new taxes last legislative session.
  • Halted a new sales tax on services.
  • Killed local tax increases on commercial property.
  • Stopped efforts to eliminate the required 2/3 local vote threshold to raise taxes.
  • Stopped an expansion of protected employee leave.



  • Advanced the argument for regulatory reform by allowing small businesses an opportunity to fix minor problems before being penalized.
  • Won protection against ADA lawsuits by creating a right to fix small problems before being sued.
  • Passed legislation to protect small businesses from having assets seized without a criminal conviction.
  • Supported numerous regulatory reform bills.





With the Supermajority Party in Sacramento ramming through the largest gas tax increase in state history this year, it is now more important than ever to fight back against additional taxes from this Legislature:

  • Stop attempts to extend the sales tax to services.
  • Stop an incredibly expensive single-payer healthcare system in California.
  • Stop efforts to remove Prop. 13 protections from businesses (split-roll tax).
  • Stop efforts to lower the vote threshold required to raise taxes.
  • Stop efforts to require new taxes and warning labels on a variety of products.


Employer Liability

  • Oppose AB 5, which prohibits employers with 10 or more collective employees from hiring anyone new until current employees are made full time.
  • Stop attempts to greatly expand the reasons for protected employee leave, with new rights to sue.
  • Oppose AB 1008, which prohibits employers from inquiring about criminal backgrounds.



  • Support AB 12, requiring a review of all regulations to see what is too costly, redundant, or unnecessary.
  • Oppose additional employer mandates such as:
  • “Predictive scheduling” for employees.
  • Working to establish safe harbor protection for small businesses on minor regulatory violations by giving  time to fix a problem instead of paying fines (AB 442 and AB 1005).
  • Expansion of the Cap and Trade program.



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