Seven Reasons to Take a Vacation - Right Now!

Date: February 24, 2015

Here are some of the many proven benefits of taking a vacation - and why you should encourage your team to do the same.

If you haven’t booked any vacation time this
year, now would be a great time to start planning your next escape! Getting
away from it all can net you much more than a golden tan. Just the act of
booking a vacation has positive health benefits, and that’s even before you
pack a single bag!

In addition to making you healthier, taking a
vacation can help you on the job, too. While it may sound counterproductive,
taking time away from work actually makes you more productive and creative when
you return to the office.

Unfortunately, in the US, most workers don’t use
all the vacation days offered to them. According to an Expedia survey, more than half a billion vacation days go unused each year! Not
surprisingly, 59 percent of Americans feel vacation-deprived.

Here are seven great reasons to book your next
vacation today – or to encourage your employees to make the most of their time

Having a
vacation in your calendar to look forward to makes you happy.
According to Dutch research, there is no
relationship between the length of a vacation and the overall happiness it
provides. In fact, most of the happy feelings associated with vacationing come
from planning and anticipating your getaway.

Taking a break
from work makes you more creative.
According to research, workers
demonstrated greater cognitive flexibility after a vacation.

Vacations can
help you use less sick days.
Spending a week relaxing could mean you end up
using fewer sick days overall. Since stress can increase the likelihood of
developing illnesses such as colds, reducing stress by taking a vacation makes
you less likely to get sick

They can also
decrease your chances of life-threatening ailments.
A study of middle-aged men shows
that non-vacationers are 32 percent more likely to die of a heart attack than
those who vacation regularly.

Mental downtime
helps you learn more quickly and efficiently.
By giving your brain a break, you’re able
to more easily process information and master new tasks. Mental downtime –
whether you’re relaxing on a warm beach or hiking through the mountains – is
crucial for keeping your brain sharp and ready to learn.

Taking a
vacation can have financial benefits!
An internal study by Ernst &
Young showed that for every additional 10 hours an employee took for vacation
time, his or her performance review was 8 percent higher the following year.

Vacation allows
you to be a better boss.
The Wall Street Journal reports that
when bosses return from vacation, they’re more creative and have a better
long-term vision for the company. Getting outside of the day-to-day chaos
enables leaders to achieve a broader perspective about their business.



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