NFIB Supports Regulatory Reform Legislation

Date: January 07, 2015
For Immediate Release
Contact:  Eric Reller
202-314-2073 or [email protected]


Supports Regulatory Reform Legislation

and Accountability Crucial for Small Business

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 7,
The National Federation of Independent
Business (NFIB) today applauded Rep. Bob Goodlatte for introducing H.R.
185, the Regulatory Accountability Act.

business owners support this regulatory reform legislation because it requires
agencies to estimate both the direct and indirect cost of regulations on the
economy,” said NFIB Manager of Regulatory Policy Dan Bosch. “Since regulations
disproportionately impact small companies, allowing the public to see the
entire impact of a rule is critical to add transparency to the rulemaking

the legislation would increase public participation in shaping the most costly
regulations before they are proposed; require that agencies must choose the
least costly option unless they can demonstrate a need to protect public
health, safety, or welfare; and provide for on-the-record administrative
hearings for the most costly regulations to insure that agency data is well
tested and reviewed. In short, it would help ensure that federal agencies
produce sensible regulations.

legislation makes the regulatory process more transparent, agencies more
accountable, and regulations more cost-effective. Reforming the regulatory
process is a priority for NFIB and we hope the House moves this legislation
forward and protects small businesses on Main Street,” added Bosch.

NFIB has
long advocated for reforms to the bloated regulatory process – garnering
bipartisan support dating back to the Clinton administration. By promoting
greater public participation in the regulatory process, agencies can better
embody the principles of fairness and transparency in rulemaking.




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