NFIB Looks Ahead to the 2015 Congressional Session

Date: November 14, 2014

Tax and regulatory reform remain top priorities for small business.

As the 2015 congressional session approaches, NFIB is focusing on
three major issues that small business owners are concerned about.

1. Simplifying the Tax Code 

NFIB hopes to see business tax codes reviewed and simplified, but it will likely be a marathon rather than a sprint, says Amanda
Austin, vice president of public policy for NFIB. “We need to look at
simplifying the tax code and securing key tax breaks,” she says. “The
tax code hasn’t been seriously reviewed in two decades.” 

2. Stopping the Health Insurance Tax 

NFIB is involved in a push to repeal the Health Insurance Tax, a tax included in the Affordable Care Act. It will be imposed on insurance companies and passed on to small business owners
through higher health insurance premiums. Visit
for more information. 

3. Reining in Regulations 

As the Obama administration continues to push its regulatory agenda through government agencies, NFIB will be fighting for
small business owners’ freedom from burdensome regulations.

“This administration is going to be looking at avenues through the
EPA, the Department of Labor and the Affordable Care Act to push
out regulations wrapped around statutory language, and they could
potentially make things worse for small business,” Austin says. 

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