XLN Growing In The Columbus Tech Sector

Date: January 28, 2015

Allen Perk started his company XLN Systems in 1991. After
working for another technology company and deciding that he could do, what they
were doing, better, he ventured out as an entrepreneur.  Starting out as a sole proprietor, Allen has grown
over the years and now employs nine full-time workers, including his oldest
son, and six part-time employees.

Allen was inspired to work in the technology industry by his
father Ralph, who while mayor of Cleveland, Ohio (1972-77) began putting computers
in into police cars in the 1970s.

XLN Systems is a
private and public IT solutions firm. 
They provide services such as app development, business analysis, system
management, security solutions, and network testing.   XLN also provides specialized products such
as XLN Legal, a new software for the legal industry to manage cases and
documents associated with the case, and XLN Docket, software that state
agencies use that allows them to manage the flow of a case with a life of a

Allen finds that being a small business owner can be
challenging at times.  He finds it is harder
to build trust and get into the technology industry, initially, as a small
business owner.  Many of his clients see
bigger as better.

He enjoys being a part of NFIB because, “NFIB allows me to
mingle with other statewide business owners and collaborate with my peers to
leverage each other’s successes. “  Allen
is also proud to be a small business owner. 
The likes to see other people be successful through the things that he
has done and enjoys seeing those who got their start in his business go out and
start their own.  

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