Date: March 23, 2018

Costly proposal for state could that could put undue burden on small companies


CONCORD (March 20, 2018) – With over 1400 members in New Hampshire, the state’s leading small business advocate, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), restated its opposition to the proposed Family & Medical Leave Insurance legislation pending before the NH House.

“This issue has been debated and scrutinized for over a year, and yet, it remains a moving target,” said Bruce Berke, NFIB State Director for NFIB NH. “As the debate has taken place, not enough study or review was given to the negative impact it will likely have on small businesses in the Granite State.”

“Two committees have given entirely different estimates of the cost and proposed different benefit levels for the program,” said Berke. “This is a risky way to start, especially when the state agency that would administer this program questions its solvency and publicly states the start-up costs for NH would total $50 million.”

Berke further explained, “Last week, a third committee offered a private sector alternative, which on its face is a good initiative, but the details put all of the administrative onus on the employer. That adds up to significant costs for the business and potentially employee-employer friction.”

“It is clear that this issue is not ready to be legislated in NH.  With an unemployment rate close to 2% in the state, employers need to make their businesses attractive for employees. What that individual employer chooses to offer as a benefits package in a free market will drive employees’ decisions.”

“NFIB urges the NH House to either kill House Bill 628 or send it back to committee for further consideration.”

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