2018 BWC MCO Open Enrollment is OPEN!

Date: April 30, 2018

NFIB highly recommends CareWorks as your MCO

For Ohio State Fund employers, choosing the right Managed Care Organization (MCO) is an important decision in managing your Ohio workers’ compensation claims and costs.

  • If you are already a CareWorks MCO customer, NFIB highly recommends you continue to stay enrolled with CareWorks as your MCO during the 2018 MCO Open Enrollment. To stay with CareWorks, you need not do anything during the 2018 MCO Open Enrollment; you will be automatically re-enrolled with CareWorks.
  • If your company is not already enrolled with CareWorks, now is the time to consider enrolling with CareWorks MCO during the 2018 MCO Open Enrollment, being held from April 30, 2018, through May 25, 2018.

As a new CareWorks customer, you will be partnered with an MCO clearly focused on the most critical area of workers’ compensation – return-to-work.  Helping injured employees recover from injury and successfully return-to-work can help lower medical and claim costs, limit lost time, help control your BWC premium and improve the health and productivity of your employees.

Here are some telling performance statements about CareWorks MCO:

  • CareWorks MCO’s BWC return‐to‐work score of 52.28 outperformed the next three largest MCOs and is well above the statewide average of 50.82 as measured by BWC’s MoD Days Absent score.1
  • CareWorks MCO has been Ohio’s most selected MCO for nearly 20 years with 90,548 active policies and manages approximately 1 out of every 3 workplace injury claims in Ohio.2
  • In 2017, CareWorks MCO had the fastest injury reporting turnaround and highest bill payment accuracy performance of any Ohio MCO.3, 4
  • CareWorks MCO has more employer customers in group savings programs than any other MCO, helping its customers stay eligible for valuable BWC premium discounts.5

As a reminder, there are no direct costs for the MCO services you will receive from CareWorks MCO as all MCO fees are already included in your BWC premium. Click on the graphic below for your form to enroll.

The open enrollment period is only April 30 through May 25!  To enroll with CareWorks MCO, complete the enclosed MCO Open Enrollment form and fax it, toll-free, to 1-888-358-5319 or email to [email protected].  Please complete a separate enrollment form for each unique BWC policy.

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to have your workplace injuries medically managed by CareWorks MCO.  For more information, call CareWorks MCO’s Open Enrollment team, toll-free at 1-888-627-7586 or visit them online at www.careworksmco.com.


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