What does Ohio have in common with New York & California?

Date: November 02, 2021

Take Action On Regulatory Reform In Ohio!

Join your fellow small business owners in being the voice of small business and make your voice heard with your elected officials in the Ohio legislature.

Ohio is the third-most regulated state in the United States, behind New York and California. What does that actually look like? The Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) contains 274,470 restrictions and 15.2 million words. This would take you 21 weeks to read in its entirety. Small businesses are responsible for nearly two-thirds of job growth in this country. However, small business growth is often limited by the cost of regulatory compliance. 

There is a bill pending in the Ohio Statehouse, Senate Bill 9, that if passed and signed into law would require a 30 percent reduction in existing regulatory restrictions. This will force state agencies to consistently review outdated, duplicative regulations. 

SB 9 has already passed the Senate as a priority bill, and it’s currently under review in the House. Thank you for taking action to urge your elected representatives to pass SB 9 in the House before they break for the holiday season!

Click here to send your personalized messages to lawmakers in Columbus! You could share: 

  • How much time per week or month do you spend on regulatory compliance?
  • How much do you spend on compliance costs?
  • Are regulatory compliance costs keeping you from hiring for open positions?
  • Examples of any state agencies that are particularly burdensome to your business?

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