Quick 2016 NFIB/Ohio Election Recap

Date: November 16, 2016

Well, the 2016 election is finally over, it was a great night for small business owners in Ohio. The Ohio Statehouse will see 32 dues-paying members of NFIB serving in the 132nd General Assembly.

Well, the 2016 election is finally over, it was a great
night for small business owners in Ohio. 
The Ohio Statehouse will see 32 dues paying members of NFIB serving in
the 132nd General Assembly. 
26 of those members won on election night. NFIB/Ohio, based on the support
and consensus of our 25,000 members across the state, offered unprecedented
support to our endorsed candidates in the form of direct contributions,
postcards, radio ads and digital ads. Our state election guide was also mailed
out to all 25,000 members. 

Ohio Supreme Court Races…

NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust endorsed candidate for re-election to
the office of Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Maureen O’Connor was
unopposed in her bid.   

Ohio Appellate Judge Pat Fischer is currently ahead of Cuyahoga
Common Pleas Judge John O’Donnell with additional votes being counted. Judge
Fischer is up 50.3 to 49.7 percent and appears to be the presumptive winner
leading by 25,000 votes. Judge Fischer was the endorsed candidate by the
NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust.

Also endorsed by the NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust, Ohio Appellate
Judge Pat DeWine defeated appellate judge, Cynthia Rice, 56.4-43.5 percent. 

Ohio House of Representatives & Senate…

Ohio House Republicans now have the largest majority by a
caucus in history of the state. Jay Edwards won the open seat for House
District 94 in the Athens, Ohio area. House Republicans have a 66 seat majority
with the Democrats holding 33. 

In the Ohio Senate, Democrat Sen. Lou Gentile was the only
incumbent to lose, as he was defeated by former Navy Seal and small business
owner Frank Hoagland in the 30th Senate District that covers a large area of Ohio’s
Appalachian region along the Ohio River. Republicans now hold the majority of
the Ohio Senate with 24 seats with the Democrats holding only 9. 

In total 74 of 75 candidates endorsed by the NFIB/Ohio SAFE
Trust won their races. We look forward to working with all of the members of
the 132nd Ohio General Assembly in the coming two years. 

There were no statewide ballot initiatives that NFIB/Ohio
was involved in this year.

For detailed information on how all races turned out, please
visit https://vote.ohio.gov/

Please contact Jared Weiser in the NFIB/Ohio office with any
questions at [email protected]

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