Carfagna Endorsed by Small Business for Ohio House Seat

Date: August 05, 2016

The National Federation of
Independent Business/Ohio (NFIB/Ohio), the state’s leading small business
representing 25,000 entrepreneurs, is proud to announce its endorsement of Rick Carfagna, who is seeking election to Ohio’s 68th
House District seat. The district is home to 279 dues paying members of
NFIB/Ohio. This endorsement today comes from the NFIB/Ohio SAFE Trust, the
organization’s political action committee. 

Carfagna is a small-business owner, and the family business has been a member of NFIB for 13 years.  His shared perspective with Ohio’s
entrepreneurs allows him to understand the issues advocated for and against by NFIB/Ohio. He is an advocate for
cutting taxes and lowering the cost of doing business in Ohio. Those ideas are embraced
by the membership as shown by the results of NFIB/Ohio’s surveying of
small-business owners throughout the state.

“Rick Carfagna has been approved through NFIB/Ohio’s member-driven
process that thoroughly reviews candidates’ records, stated positions and
understanding of small-business issues before an endorsement is issued,” said Roger R. Geiger, vice
president and executive director of NFIB/Ohio. “As a member of NFIB, we know he
understands the issues important to Ohio’s economic engine, his fellow small-business
owners. We look forward to working with him in the future as he will add to the
34 NFIB members already serving in the Ohio Legislature.”

“I am deeply humbled to have the NFIB’s endorsement in this
race.  As a member of a family in a small business that has spanned 80 years and
four generations, I know firsthand the physical and emotional tolls involved
with mom and pop operations – how work and life are one in the same.  Nothing matters more to the people of the
68th House District than economic prosperity, which stems only from a business
climate that is conducive for job growth. 
I look forward to working with the NFIB and state leaders to craft
policies that provide Ohio’s entrepreneurs with the confidence to make
investments, hire workers, and take the necessary risks to grow their
businesses,” said Carfagna.

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