NFIB California Podcast: Making the Purchase of Health Insurance Simple and Affordable

Date: November 17, 2022

Kristen Berthiaume, Bryan Coppin, and David McClintock of CaliforniaChoice discuss taking a big worry off of the minds of small-business owners

It has been the No. 1 worry of small-business owners for more than 30 consecutive years. In fact, none of the other 74 issues measured by NFIB’s Small Business Problems & Priorities report has knocked ‘the cost of health insurance’ off its first-place standing as the top concern.

Kristen Berthiaume, Bryan Coppin, and David McClintock of CaliforniaChoice say it doesn’t have to be this way and discuss their company’s approach to putting health insurance in the hands of small-business owners and their employees.

Some of the comments made in the 27-minute podcast included:

  • “We’re definitely a true, one-stop shop. One application to enroll; it’s one monthly bill for the employer and a single point of administration.” 
  • “More often than not, our largest population coming into the doors are employers who have never had benefits before, and that’s been pretty consistent in the post-COVID environment.” 
  • “You want your employees to be able to purchase what is most meaningful for them given their life circumstances.”

The guests also say California Choice is not in competition with Covered California but a private-marked alternative. “We believe there is enough market share.”

Only 31% of small businesses in America can afford to offer health care to their employees. CaliforniaChoice believes it can improve that by what it offers through eight different health-insurance carriers, dozens of doctor and hospital networks, and hundreds of price points – all in one single platform. Their method is to start with the money a small-business owner has to spend on health insurance and build a plan backwards from that.

Click the arrow below to listen to this highly informative podcast on small businesses’ No. 1 issue. Click here to listen to all prior NFIB California podcasts.

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