Two Former NFIB State Directors Pass Away

Date: November 06, 2014

The NFIB/Washington family was saddened to learn of the passing of two former state directors whose spade work laid the foundation for small-business lobbying in Olympia. In a Facebook posting, former State Director Carolyn Logue (1992-2007) wrote:
“Small businesses in Washington state lost two great champions over the past two months. Gene Andrews, NFIB’s first Washington State Director, passed away at the grand old age of 93. He retired from NFIB in 1986 but he paved the way for small business advocacy in Washington state. Then in October, Linda Matson, NFIB’s Washington State Director from 1986-1992, passed away suddenly from an aneurysm. Linda was a passionate small business advocate and helped with the election of many small business minded candidates in the Washington Legislature. The work of these two pioneers paved the way for all other NFIB Washington State Directors giving us a foundation to work from and often a shoulder to lean on (we are in Washington state and lobbying for small business in Washington is often a very difficult and stressful endeavor — kind of like owning one in this state). I’m posting the obituaries for both of these great people and ask all of you to join me today in not only saying goodbye, but also saying thank you.”
Both state directors’ obituaries can be read by clicking their names.
“Small business has a big voice in Olympia thanks to the hard work and determination of each of my predecessors,” said State Director Patrick Connor. “There have only been five of us since Gene Andrews became NFIB’s first, full-time Washington state director, and I intend to honor each one of their contributions by leaving my successor with additional accomplishments to build on, as they have done for me.”

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