NFIB Virginia PAC Launches New Digital Ads In Virginia To Bring Back a Pro-Small Business Majority

Date: October 12, 2021

Virginia Small Businesses Suffering Under Unfriendly Virginia House of Delegates

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the state’s largest business association organization, led by its Virginia PAC, just launched a state-wide paid advertising campaign in Virginia to urge Virginians to vote for small business friendly candidates this November.


The digital ads will run in House District 12 for Jason Ballard, House District 21 for Tanya Gould, House District 27 for Roxann Robinson, House District 28 for Tara Durant, House District 83 for Tim Anderson and House District 85 for Karen Greenhalgh. They will air through election day. You can watch the ads by clicking on the candidates names.


The campaign highlights the reasons Virginia voters need to bring back small business friendly candidates on election day, November 2. It’s an effort to educate Virginians about what’s at stake in just a few short weeks: the livelihood of small business owners across the state. Under current leadership in the Virginia House, job creating entrepreneurs are suffering from delegates who don’t comprehend the fragility of the small business community in the state and the greater impact their decisions have on the state’s economy.


“What a few key delegates here in Virginia don’t understand is that their actions during the pandemic earlier this year, such as refusing to delay the minimum wage are a major job killer in the Commonwealth. Right now, many small business owners are simply trying to keep their doors open as they grapple with staffing shortages and supply chain problems. These key votes by Virginia delegates shows how out of touch our lawmakers can be. What our state needs this month is to reduce the burden on our small business owners, who drive Virginia’s economy and create jobs,” said Nicole Riley, NIFB State Director in Virginia. “Virginians can do that November 2nd by voting smart, pro-small business candidates into the legislature.”


Recent NFIB surveys highlight the challenges small business owners face right now. The latest survey, out yesterday, shows that a record 51% of small business owners reported job openings they couldn’t fill. That’s up one point from August and record-high reading for the second consecutive month.


The other pressing issue facing small business owners across the country is supply chain disruptions. Another recent NFIB survey found that half of small business owners reported disruptions as having a significant impact on their business. That’s up from 32% two months ago.



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