NFIB Thanks Our 100% Small Business Oklahoma Lawmakers

Date: July 24, 2020

Release of Oklahoma small-business voting records finds 85 with perfect scores

The report card is out and now Oklahomans can find out which Oklahoma senators and representatives can back up their claim that they are true friends of small businesses.

“Small business owners across the state want to express their thanks for the legislators who have backed them up and voted for small business issues,” said Jerrod Shouse, NFIB State Director in Oklahoma. “Now, more than ever, small businesses appreciate those lawmakers who have helped make it easier for them to own and operate a business in Oklahoma. The COVID-19 pandemic has crushed many small businesses, and many more are barely hanging on. COVID-19 civil liability protection was a huge win for small business. Now, small business owners who are working hard and following safety protocols to keep their employers and customers safe don’t have to worry about a rogue lawyer trying to make a buck by threatening to sue them. Instead, they can focus on re-opening, staying open, and avoid another shutdown.”

Lawmakers were graded on eight votes on issues of importance to small business. Some of those key votes include liability protections for small businesses that safely opened and are following government guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic, lawsuit protections for small businesses that manufacture or donate products that help curb or prevent COVID-19, a cap on damages in certain nuisance lawsuits, a prohibition on cities from enacting new taxes on plastic bags and containers, and privatized testing for commercial driver’s licenses, which helps with the backlog in state government. A description of those issues and how each Oklahoma state lawmaker voted on them can be found here.



Senators (28): Mark Allen, Micheal Bergstrom, Stephanie Bice, Larry Boggs, David Bullard, Bill Coleman, Julie Daniels, Kim David, Tom Dugger, Chuck Hall, John Haste, James Leewright, John Michael Montgomery, Casey Murdock, Joe Newhouse, Lonnie Paxton, Roland Pederson, Dewayne Pemberton, Adam Pugh, Marty Quinn, Dave Rader, Paul Rosino, Ron Sharp, Wayne Shaw, Frank Simpson, Gary Stanislawski, Brenda Stanley, Roger Thompson

Representatives (57): Rhonda Baker, Jeff Boatman, Brad Boles, Ty Burns, Chad Caldwell, Trey Caldwell, Sherrie Conley, Rusty Cornwell, Denise Crosswhite-Hader, Dean Davis, Jon Echols, Scott Fetgatter, Ross Ford, Avery Frix, Jim Grego, Kyle Hilbert, Brian Hill , Justin Humphrey, Chris Kannady, Dell Kerbs, Lundy Kiger, Mark Lawson, Mark Lepak, TJ Marti, Ryan Martinez, Stan May, Mark McBride, Charles McCall, Kevin McDugle, Nicole Miller, Lewis MooreCarl Newton, Terry O’Donnell, Jim Olsen, Charles Ortega, Mike Osburn, John Pfieffer, Logan Phillips, Randy Randleman, Dustin Roberts, Sean Roberts, Todd Russ, Mike Sanders, Chris Sneed, Marilyn Stark, Jay Steagall, Judd Strom, Johnny Tadlock, Zack Taylor, Tammy Townley, Mark Vancuren, Kevin Wallace, Josh West, Kevin West, Tammy West, Rande Worthen, Harold Wright

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