NFIB Michigan Member: Tim Holton of Royal Oak Kitchen & Bath

Date: March 16, 2015

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With a business founded in 1954, owner Tim Holton tells us how he stays afloat and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Name: Tim Holton
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan
Employees: 4

How did you become a small business owner, and why? 

It was started by my family. It’s been in my blood, I guess you would say. 

What advice would you give small business owners? 

Don’t do it. Work for somebody else. It’s a lot easier. It’s just very difficult, especially in my world where we do kitchens and baths. It’s emotional and you have to have a good deal of patience to understand that. It’s the same, I would imagine, in every business. So, patience if is going to be you your number one virtue if you go into business for yourself. 

How has NFIB helped you operate your business? 

I think the problem with me is the problem with all business owners. We don’t have the time to chase those [small business] issues. NFIB takes the time to chase those issues and to figure them out. They’re very good about giving us a vote. Here are the pros. Here are the cons. What do you think? Providing a summary that sounds very simplistic is very difficult for them to put together. But they make it understandable for me. Those complex issues are understandable for me and I don’t have to take the time. They are doing the work for me. 

To what do you contribute your business’ longevity? 

Keeping at it. It’s a very emotional business in that you’re in people’s homes. You’re in their bedrooms, in their bathrooms. You’re in their kitchen, which is the heart of the home. It’s very primal where the food is. Everybody goes there, so everyone tends to be fairly emotional about that. And it’s about if you can weather that I think is the key to our longevity. When the gong going gets tough, we just keep going. 

What do you like to do off the clock? 

I’m a competitive sailor. We’re in the F16 and F18 fleet. It’s a very competitive boat, like the America’s Cup. It’s very exciting for the people on board. And that’s what I do with my spare time. 

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