4 Years, 4 Minimum Wage Hikes?

Date: June 13, 2017

There have been three straight years of minimum wage increases, but advocates of a $15 minimum wage have not stopped pushing for another.

Legislation backed by Raise Up Massachusetts, H.2365 and S.1004, would hike the state’s minimum wage—already at $11 per hour—by $1 each year for the next four years, until it reaches $15 per hour in 2021. However, it wouldn’t stop there. From 2021 onward, the minimum wage rate would be adjusted annually to coincide with cost of living increases. Plus, these bills would also hike the base wage for tipped workers. The rate is currently $3.75 per hour, but it would be increased gradually over eight years until equal to the regular state minimum wage.

Small business owners cannot absorb this kind of mandated payroll cost increase. If approved, the legislation could lead to layoffs and seriously stymie new job creation. Plus, it makes it harder for younger and low-skilled workers to find jobs, thereby hurting the very people intended to be helped.

NFIB/MA continues to fight against the relentless push for minimum wage hikes.

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