Ask your Senator to oppose the minimum wage increase

Date: March 24, 2014

Ask your Senator to Oppose the Minimum Wage Increase

Ask Your Senator to Oppose increasing the Minimum Wage!
The House version of the minimum
wage bill passed 89-46 Friday, March 7. The bill increases the minimum wage
over the next three years, capping it at $10.10 an hour. The House Economic
Matters Committee made a few revisions to Governor Martin O’Mally’s original bill: it delayed
the first increase by six month, eliminated indexing, and added a carved out exemption for seasonal amusement
parks. As passed by the House, the minimum wage will jump to $8.20 on
January 1, 2015, then $9.15 on January 1, 2016 and against to $10.10 on January
1, 2017.

The Senate Finance Committee and Senate Budget & Taxation Committee continue to consider the
legislation and may send it to the floor soon.

NFIB urges businesses to contact the Senate Finance Committee and their
senators to oppose this legislation. To email the Committee, click here. To use NFIB’s alert to contact
your senators, click here.  To thank the
House Delegates who opposed this bill, click here.

Again, please email your senators. NFIB’s easy to use email system makes it
easy and quick. Take Action Now!

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