Key Primary Contests on June 10 Ballot

Date: June 04, 2014

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In the Second District:

 Emily Cain (D-Orono)
 Troy Jackson (D-Allagash)

 Kevin Raye (R-Perry)
 Bruce Poliquin (R-Oakland)

The NFIB Save America’s Free Enterprise PAC supports Kevin Raye, an NFIB member who compiled a strong record of support on small business issues during his eight years in the Maine Senate.

Meantime there are 24 legislative primaries around the state.

In the state Senate:

 District 4 (Piscataquis County)
 Sen. Douglas A. Thomas (R-Ripley)
       Rep. Paul T. Davis, Sr. (R-Sangerville)

 District 5 (part of Penobscot County)
 Herbert E. Clark (D-Millinocket)
       James F. Dill (D-Old Town)

 District 14 (part of Kennebec County)
 David W. Bustin (D-Hallowell)
       Louis T. Sigel (D-Gardiner)

 District 25 (Falmouth-Yarmouth area)
 Catherine Breen (D-Falmouth)
       Stephen M. Woods (Yarmouth)

 District 33 (Western York County)
 Sen. John L. Tuttle (D-Sanford)
       Rep. Andrea M. Boland (D-Sanford)

In the state House of Representatives:

 District 7 (part of Wells)
 Robert A. Foley (R-Wells)
       Peter William Leon (R-Wells)

 District 11 (part of Biddeford)
 Ryan M. Fecteau (D-Biddeford)
       David C. Flood (D-Biddeford)

       District 20 (Acton-Lebanon-Shapleigh)
       Karen A. Gerrish (R-Lebanon)
       Harrison Thorp (R-Lebanon)

       District 35 (part of Westbrook)
       Dillon Bates (D-Westbrook)
       Suzanne M. Salisbury (D-Westbrook)

       District 45 (Cumberland-Gray)
       Joseph F. Kumiszcza (R-Cumberland)
       Michael J. Timmons (R-Cumberland)

       District 50 (part of Brunswick)
       Jacqueline A. Sartoris (D-Brunswick)
       Ralph L. Tucker (D-Brunswick)

       District 54 (Topsham)
       Susan L. Dolan (R-Topsham)
       Kim J. Talbot (R-Topsham)

       District 55 (Bowdoin-Bowdoinham-Richmond)
       Dean Owen Beckwith (R-Bowdoinham)
       Brian D. Hobart (R-Bowdoinham)

       District 79 (Albion-Benton-China)
       Robert Allen MacFarland (R-China)
       Timothy S. Theriault (R-China)

       District 82 (Litchfield-Monmouth-Wales)
       Randall Adam Greenwood (R-Wales)
       Timothy A. McDonald (R-Monmouth)

       District 83 (Farmingdale-Gardiner)
       Curtis C. Ayotte (R-Farmingdale)
       Scott Douglas Williams (R-Gardiner)

       District 85 (part of Augusta)
       Rebecca A. Cornell du Houx (D-Augusta)
       Donna R. Doore (D-Augusta)

       District 97 (Belfast-Northport-Waldo)
       Benjamin L. Bryant (R-Belfast)
       Thomas Richard Burpee II (R-Belfast)

       District 105 (Canaan-Hartland-Ripley area)
  Dwayne A. Littlefield (R-Hartland)
       Joel R. Stetkis (R-Canaan)

       District 122 (Medway-Old Town)
       Michelle Ann Dunphy (D-Old Town)
       Edward S. Spencer (D-Old Town)

       District 125 (part of Bangor)
       Gary E. Capehart (R-Bangor)
       Katrin Teel (R-Bangor)

       District 133 (Castine-Brooklin-Surry area)
       Rep. Ralph Chapman (D-Brooksville)
       David A. Guarente (D-Blue Hill)

       District 140 (Baileyville-Calais-Perry area)
       Harold Roy Clark, Jr. (D-Calais)
       Albion D. Goodwin (D-Pembroke)

       District 148 (Easton-Limestone-Presque Isle area)
       N. Michael Blier (D-Fort Fairfield)
       Alan D. Whittemore (D-Limestone)


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