VIDEO: Still No Budget Deal

Date: July 31, 2015

No budget deal. Not even a one-month budget deal. Could a
long summer turn into a long fall?

While Illinois has certainly had
its share of extended sessions over the years, this one feels different. Normally the legislative leaders would be
meeting daily, or at least weekly, to determine where they could find common
ground with the governor.

Unfortunately, this time the
“meetings” seem to be conducted in front of the press, with both sides
unwilling to step across the proverbial line in the sand.

And, at the sake of over
simplifying, Gov. Bruce Rauner has said he will “deal” with the Democrats on a tax hike if
he gets his economic reform package. Democrats have said “no way” to his reforms and are now challenging him
to hit the restart button and send them a new, balanced budget.

Remember, the original budget sent by Governor
Rauner assumed significant savings from his pension reform ideas but those have
not materialized. Democrats sent the
governor a budget they admitted was almost $4 billion short. Both sides understand the cuts that would
have to take place for Illinois to live within its financial means would be
significant, thus a reluctance by both sides to go down that path without a
deal in place.  

NFIB/Illinois is solidly in Rauner’s corner because he is fighting for many of the issues our members have
been clamoring for: real workers’ compensation reform, changes in the
prevailing wage laws, lawsuit reform and others. Illinois can’t, once again, increase costs
for small businesses without giving them some relief.

To that end, NFIB/Illinois has
launched radio ads and an online petition to get our members, and other
like-minded citizens, to send a message to Democrat lawmakers that it is time
to sit down and work with Gov. Rauner to turn this state around. Visit and voice
your support to turn our state around.

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