Date: October 04, 2016

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CONCORD (October 4, 2016) – New Hampshire SAFE Trust, the political action committee formed by the state’s most influential small business group, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), announced their endorsements today of candidates in races for seats in the New Hampshire House and State Senate.

“On behalf of the members of NFIB in New Hampshire, it is a great honor to endorse each and every one of these candidates. These incumbents and challengers have received NFIB’s endorsement because they have demonstrated the determination to protect small business owners in the state of New Hampshire,,” said NFIB New Hampshire state director, Bruce Berke. “We will certainly be advocating for policies that reduce government roles in the operation of a small business as well as the second phase of the business tax cuts that are scheduled to take place soon and hope to be fighting alongside these candidates when we do. Allowing small businesses to keep their hard earned dollars will result in increased job creation and expanding infrastructure, empowering the communities where small businesses reside and creating fiscal growth throughout the state.”

NFIB endorsements of challengers were based on member input and candidate questionnaires. NFIB support  for incumbents is determined by the 2015-16 NFIB New Hampshire Voting Record<>. The list of NFIB endorsed Senate and Houses candidates, to date, can be found below.

“Small business owners take casting their vote seriously, and we are proud to say that our endorsement process is one that is based not on rhetoric or talking points but on each candidate’s record or view on issues critical to the small business community,” continued Berke. “In order to create the change we need to prosper economically, it is imperative that each of our endorsed candidates be victorious on November 8.”

NFIB Senate Endorsements:

District 2 Bob Giuda
District 3 Jeb Bradley
District 6 David Gray
District 8 Ruth Ward
District 9 Andy Sanborn
District 11 Gary Daniels
District 12 Kevin Arvard
District 14 Sharon Carson
District 16 Joe Duarte
District 17 John Reagan
District 18 Ross Terrio
District 19 Regina Birdsell
District 22 Chuck Morse
District 23 William Gannon
District 24 Dan Innis


Rep. Patrick Abrami
Rep. Glen Aldrich 
Rep. Mary Allen
Rep. Keith Ammon
Rep. Lino Avellani
Rep. Gary Azarian
Rep. Brad Bailey
Rep. Alfred Baldasaro
Rep. Richard Barry
Rep. David Bates
Rep. Steven Beaudoin
Rep. James Belanger
Rep. Ronald Belanger
Rep. Barbara Biggie
Rep. Amanda Bouldin
Rep. Michael Brewster
Rep. Duane Brown
Rep. John Burt
Rep. Frank Byron
Rep. Gene Chandler
Rep. Francis Chase
Rep. Catherine Cheney
Rep. Brian Chirichiello
Rep. Chris Christensen
Rep. Rick Christie
Rep. Ed Comeau
Rep. Allen Cook
Rep. Glenn Cordelli
Rep. Karel Crawford
Rep. David Danielson
Rep. Stephen Darrow
Rep. Yvonne Dean-Bailey
Rep. Debra DeSimone
Rep. Daniel Donovan
Rep. Fred Doucette
Rep. Eric Eastman
Rep. Robert Elliott
Rep. J. Tracy Emerick
Rep. Beverly Ferrante
Rep. Elizabeth Ferreira
Rep. Robert Fesh
Rep. Dennis Fields
Rep. Donald Flanders
Rep. John Fothergill
Rep. Valerie Fraser
Rep. Bart Fromuth
Rep. Larry Gagne
Rep. Richard Gordon
Rep. Linda Gould
Rep. Robert Graham
Rep. Dennis Green
Rep. James Grenier
Rep. Barbara Griffin
Rep. Mary Griffin
Rep. Joseph Guthrie
Rep. Joseph Hagan
Rep. Carolyn Halstead
Rep. Joseph Hannon
Rep. Peter Hansen
Rep. Erin Hennessey
Rep. Gregory Hill
Rep. Richard Hinch
Rep. J.R. Hoell
Rep. Kathleen Hoelzel
Rep. Edith Hogan
Rep. Gary Hopper
Rep. Werner Horn
Rep. Raymond Howard, Jr.
Rep. Robert Hull
Rep. John Hunt
Rep. Daniel Itse
Rep. Shawn Jasper
Rep. Thomas Kaczynski, Jr.
Rep. Phyllis Katsakiores
Rep. Walter Kolodziej
Rep. Frank Kotowski
Rep. Bill Kuch
Rep. Neal Kurk
Rep. Joseph Lachance
Rep. Rick Ladd
Rep. Donald LeBrun
Rep. Don Leeman
Rep. Douglas Long
Rep. David Lundgren
Rep. Norman Major
Rep. John Manning
Rep. Richard Marple
Rep. Dick Marston
Rep. Andre Martel
Rep. Carolyn Matthews
Rep. Frank McCarthy
Rep. Mark McConkey
Rep. James McConnell
Rep. Carol McGuire
Rep. Betsy McKinney
Rep. Mark McLean
Rep. Charles McMahon
Rep. David Milz
Rep. Josh Moore

Rep. John Mullen
Rep. David Murotake
Rep. Keith Murphy
Rep. Robert Nigrello
Rep. Jeanine Notter
Rep. John O’Connor
Rep. Lynne Ober
Rep. Russell Ober
Rep. Bill Ohm
Rep. Jason Osborne
Rep. Sherman Packard
Rep. Harold Parker
Rep. Anthony Pellegrino
Rep. David Pierce
Rep. Joseph Pitre
Rep. Kimberly Rice
Rep. Herbert Richardson
Rep. Skip Rollins
Rep. Claire Rouillard
Rep. Laurie Sanborn
Rep. Eric Schleien
Rep. Stephen Schmidt
Rep. Brian Seaworth
Rep. Carl Seidel
Rep. Jeffrey Shackett
Rep. Tammy Simmons
Rep. Gregory Smith
Rep. Steven Smith
Rep. Kathleen Souza
Rep. Peter Spanos
Rep. James Spillane
Rep. Franklin Sterling
Rep. Victoria Sullivan
Rep. Michael Sylvia
Rep. John Sytek
Rep. Douglas Thomas
Rep. Franklin Tilton
Rep. Rio Tilton
Rep. Chris True
Rep. Leonard Turcotte
Rep. Timothy Twombly
Rep. Jordan Ulery
Rep. Karen Umberger
Rep. Herbert Vadney
Rep. Peter Varney
Rep. Michael Vose
Rep. Thomas Walsh
Rep. Joanne Ward
Rep. James Webb
Rep. Kenneth Weyler
Rep. Terry Wolf
Rep. Nick Zaricki

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