ZipRecruiter and ADP Join Forces In The Name of Small Business

Date: March 02, 2018

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A new partnership is brewing between online giants ZipRecruiter and ADP, and it could help small business owners face routinely, according to NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index. Announced this past week in a joint press release, the new venture will combine the companies’ niche technologies to help small businesses find qualified talent.

ZipRecruiter—the fastest-growing online employment marketplace platform—will work as a built-in feature within ADP’s wildly popular RUN powered HR packages, as reported by ADP is the global provider of human capital management solutions that serve more than half a million businesses.

The partnership will offer a helpful solution to a growing problem. In today’s market, one of the most important issues to small business owners is finding qualified talent, as reported by NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index.

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While 32 percent of the index respondents say that now is a good time to expand, 49 percent of respondents reported that they are having trouble finding qualified workers.

“Finding qualified workers now exceeds taxes and regulations as the top concern for small businesses,” NFIB’s President and CEO Juanita Duggan commented in the index.

ADP will use ZipRecruiter’s smart matching technology to work with its client base of more than 500,000 small businesses. According to, ZipRecruiter will use artificial intelligence technology to make it possible for companies to find quality candidates much faster.

“I know from first-hand experience the unique set of issues that small and midsized businesses face when looking for their next great employees,” Ian Siegel, CEO and co-founder of ZipRecruiter, said in a press release.

ADP RUN programs will improve their reach by 100 job boards once the ZipRecruiter installation is complete. For ZipRecruiter’s part, the business additions will help make the online platform a desirable choice for browsing.

“In today’s tight labor market, finding great talent is one of the toughest parts of running a small or midsized business,” Maria Black, president of Small Business Solutions and Human Resources Outsourcing at ADP, said in the press release. “The small businesses we work with don’t have the luxury of having a position vacant for long. Finding and hiring the right candidate quickly is critical to their success. That’s why we’re partnering with ZipRecruiter. To help companies hire smarter, giving them back valuable time to focus on running their businesses.”


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