NFIB's Danner to White House: Making Things Easy for Government isn't the Point

Date: January 13, 2015

Washington, DC (January 13, 2015)The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today told
the White House that it’s members can certainly sympathize with the way federal
regulators claim to feel about the threat of having to live under strict and
expensive new rules.

feel your pain,” said NFIB President and
CEO Dan Danner
in response to the administration’s statement on the Regulatory Accountability Act, a bill
that would, according to the White House, “impose unprecedented and unnecessary
procedural requirements on agencies that would prevent them from efficiently
performing their statutory responsibilities. It would also create needless
regulatory and legal uncertainty.”

Act is a top priority for American small businesses because it would require
regulatory agencies to choose the least costly option for them to comply with
federal rules which often come with an enormous price tag.

to a White House statement issued yesterday, “This bill would make the
regulatory process more expensive, less flexible, and more burdensome —
dramatically increasing the cost of regulation for the American taxpayer and
working class families.”

it shouldn’t be easy for the government to make life harder for small businesses
and individual citizens, said Danner.

things a little harder for the regulators by slowing them down and forcing them
to impose the least painful options is how the system should work,” he said.  “The White House seems to be suggesting that
regulations should be enforced in a way that makes things easier for government at
the expense of the private sector.  

got it exactly upside down,” he continued. 
“Private sector businesses and taxpayers don’t exist to accommodate the
government’s needs.  The government
exists to accommodate their needs.  And
what they need now are some controls on the bureaucracy’s immense power to
disrupt business, increase consumer costs, impose fines and limit economic

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